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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Daily Rent of Apartments

I am renting an apartment for the first time, how do I book an apartment?

Please see our photo catalogue of 1-room, 2-room, 3-room, 4- and 5-room apartments for day-to-day rent on our website and read the rules of booking apartments, fill in the application for reservation of the apartment of your choice. Our administrator shall contact you using the phone number or the email you specified in the application. If you are outside Ukraine, please specify your email. If the apartment is free as of the date you specified, the administrator shall confirm your application for reservation. If the apartment is occupied at the specified date, the administrator shall offer you an alternative apartment.
To guarantee booking of your apartment, you need to make an advance payment for the first day of staying in the apartment. Additional payment for reservation shall not be charged.

Do you issue documents that confirm payment and staying in your apartments?

Yes, according to a preliminary agreement, we shall prepare accounting documents for you: invoice, receipt of payment, leasing agreement (if necessary), act of performed works.
Our documents are an official confirmation of your business trip expenses and your accommodation in Kyiv, which shall enable you to make an official report in the accounting department of your company.

Are phone calls included in the price of the apartment? How do I make an international and intercity calls?

Yes, calls within Kyiv are included in the price of the apartment. International and intercity communication is disabled, this is a common practice for all apartments which are rented daily in Kyiv.
To make an international or an intercity call, you need to purchase a special phone card which are available at communication centers around the city.

Is the price specified on your website listed for one person per day or for the whole apartment?

The price is for the whole apartment. Each apartment has a certain number of sleeping berths. The photo catalogue of our apartments has a description of each individual apartment specifying the number of sleeping berths in the given apartment.

Does the apartment have household appliances? What equipment is available?

The photo catalogue of our apartments contains a description of each specific apartment and a list of household appliances and electric equipment along with any other equipment contained in the given apartment. Each apartment, regardless of price, level of equipment, location, design etc. is equipped with a phone, a TV set, refrigerator, an equipped kitchen with dishes and utensils, bed linen and towels.

Where are your apartments located, is it convenient to reach them?

The main part of our apartments is located in the center of Kyiv and adjoining districts along the subway lines.

How do I check in to the apartment?

When you approve the time of check-in with our administrator on the phone or email, you shall be met in the apartment you booked by our manager (if you do not require a meeting at the airport or railroad station). Our manager shall give you the keys to the apartment, accept payment for staying in the apartment, produce all the necessary documents. You shall receive the address of your apartment from our administrator when you book the apartment.

Is it possible to rent the apartment without booking?

It is possible. You need to contact our administrator one or two days before your arrival. In that case, the administrator shall find you an apartment among those which shall be available at the moment of your arrival.

Why is the time for check-in/check-out set at 12.00?

In all apartments rented daily in Kyiv the time for check-in is no earlier than 12.00, the time of check-out is no later than 12.00. If you need an earlier check-in, you need to make an additional payment, and the same goes for a late check-out from the apartment. Additional payment is because there may still be customers in the apartment at the moment of your early check-in, or we shall be forced to reject customers for previous day, and at a late check-out we have to reject other customers who are ready to check-in at 12.00.
In any case, after your approval, the time of check-in or check-out may be adjusted or changed.

What is included in the payment of rent?

The payment shall include electricity, cold and hot water, gas, local phone communication. Also the payment shall include change of bed linen and towels once a week and a general cleaning once a week. Change of linen and cleaning shall be performed according to a preliminary agreement.
For an additional payment, the maid may perform additional cleanings, washing etc.

How do I make a payment?

Payment, booking for the apartment and services may be made in cash at our office or directly at the apartment rented by you, by wire transfer to our account, money transfer (Western Union and the like) etc. For more information, please see the Payments section on our website.

Do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts in case you stay in our apartments 7 to 10 days or more. The discount shall be negotiated and decided upon by our administrator when you book the apartment.

I would like to rent the apartment anonymously, without producing my documents. Can I do this?

Unfortunately, we cannot check you into the apartment without documents. The apartment may be registered by using your passport, passport of your relatives who reside in Kyiv (such relatives must be present when we register the booking for you). We guarantee confidential stay in our apartments in any case. The information about your stay in our apartments shall be confidential and not disclosed to anyone.

Are you the owners of these apartments?

The majority of apartments shown on our website is under a trust management. We have cooperated with many owners for several years.

Is there a guarantee that we get the specific apartment we booked after we pay for the reservation?

By making payment for the first day of stay, a reservation of the specified apartment, you shall reserve this apartment for yourself, and we shall reject other customers who wish to book the same apartment. Besides, if the customers who stay in that apartment before you wish to prolong their term of rent, we shall offer them another apartment, and the apartment you paid for shall be reserved for you.

Do pictures on the website conform to the real apartments?

Yes, the pictures in the photo catalogue of Daily Rented Apartments are the pictures of actual apartments. Availability of equipment in the description on the website also conforms to the real apartments.

Currently I am staying at a hotel (apartment of another agency) but I would like to move to your apartment. How can I do that?

If you stay in Kyiv at the moment and you are not satisfied with the service of your hotel or apartment, please call our administrator. We shall help you move to any of our apartments.

+38 (044) 240-09-93
+38 (044) 228-37-40
+38 (044) 462-09-93

Booking on-line

One-room apartments for rent from 300 hryvnias per day.
Two-rooms apartments for rent from 500 hryvnias per day.
Three-rooms apartments for rent from 750 hryvnias per day.
Apartment in the city center (Maidan, Khreshchatyk) for rent from 450-500 hryvnia per day.
The apartment is on the metro line from 300 hryvnia per day.