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Trust Management of Apartment and Advantages for You as the Owner of the Apartment when Working with Our Company

Our company has been operating since April 2000 on the market of services rendering for real estate owners.
During our long-term experience, we have learned to deal with all the problems which may arise for the owners of apartments within the period of their lease if they lease the apartments independently. To minimize the risks related to independent lease of apartments, we offer them a service – trust management of real estate.

After concluding an agreement on trust management with us, you shall not have the rights in your apartment limited in any way (!!!), you only place all the worries and care on leasing your apartment upon our company.

The advantages of working with us during the whole period of validity of such agreement on trust management of apartment or an office are:

- We search for customers and check them into your apartment independently.

- We regulate all financial matters of problems with the customers on our own.

- We temporarily represent your interests as the owner of the real estate if you are out of Kyiv.

- We treat your property with care and we take care of apartments, offices, furniture and equipment.

- We check availability and pay telephone, Internet and electricity bills.

- When you cannot pay on your own, we also can pay bills for utility services.

- We transfer the rent payment due to the owner on the basis of the agreement on trust management to any city of Ukraine, or any foreign  country.

- We have our own staff of maids, household managers, technical workers of all kinds.

- Routine cleaning and general cleaning of apartments shall be performed at our expense, by our employees.

- In case of need, we organize a redecoration or complete repair of apartment or office, with total control over performance and quality of works.

- In case of necessity or in case of force majeure circumstances, we shall call technical services: municipal water supply service, gas service, electricians, plumbers, employees of housing and communal services etc.

- Consulting on any housing matters and matters of pricing which you might have as a lessor.

- Consulting on matters of taxation of income of persons received from lease of apartments or offices.

- Minimization of taxation of the lessor.

- Full confidentiality of lease of your apartment.

- We always protect the interests of the apartment owners before any third parties.

We have been working with many apartment owners for 5 or 7 years, several owners have placed several real estate objects under our trust management (1-room apartments photos, 2-room apartments photos, 3-room apartments photos, 4- and 5-room apartments photos). Many real estate owners only concluded an agreement on trust management with us, gave us the keys for the apartment and receive their money for several years now, having forgotten about all worries at leasing their apartment. Many apartment owners live outside Kyiv for 3 or 4 years and regularly receive profit generated by their property.

We provide recommendations on the basis of our long-term experience and condition of the real estate market as of today. Recommendations are granted after visual inspection, evaluation of condition of the apartment, condition of equipment, furniture etc., as well as adjoining territories (doorways, elevators, yard etc.). The decision on transferring the apartment under trust management shall be always made by the apartment owner.

By working (or should we say – resting) with us, we shall make your real estate work for you 100%, without any standstills, all year round.
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One-room apartments for rent from 300 hryvnias per day.
Two-rooms apartments for rent from 500 hryvnias per day.
Three-rooms apartments for rent from 750 hryvnias per day.
Apartment in the city center (Maidan, Khreshchatyk) for rent from 450-500 hryvnia per day.
The apartment is on the metro line from 300 hryvnia per day.